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This is the continuing story of my wife and three male colleagues on a business trip to Europe with my permission to do whatever he wants as long as she comes home and tells me everything. In the first part of the three men were at their boss in a hotel suite. After a break livejasmin for a drink, she told me about the next stage of his journey in extramarital sex. in the morning after breakfast MMMF was approved earlier meeting, and they walked together in Amsterdam for another meeting. Relations were resumed as if nothing unusual about the night before taking place. At the meeting, Jane returned to taking notes, which were closed in the afternoon. When he left the room as the boss was in a deep discussion with two of the Dutch. Fifteen minutes later, when he left, he told them that night had been in a club that was recommended by the Dutch with good food and a fun show to eat. They returned to the hotel where the head of the left to go shopping. Jane and the other two had a coffee and a discussed the meeting, after which they were a time relaxing bath in the tub. had finished his bath and was dressed in a dress hair drying, there was a knock at the door. It was his boss. He entered the room and handed him a wrapped gift package. He opened livejasmin it and saw the pure white livejasmin silk dress made ​​of a material. He told her to wear something special that night at livejasmin the club, as if brought more than one occasion was. I took and held it against him. 'Why do not you try it on ?' Asked the chief. She livejasmin hesitated a moment and then thought, ' after last night, what the hell ?' He took the robe and put on the costume - what was there for them. The skirt was two tables or materials, front livejasmin and rear at the waist by a gold chain about five inches long on both sides in place. These chains, which in the front, ending in a livejasmin hook, which involved an eye on the wall. Only the tension held meetingss hooks available. In the front, two livejasmin strips of material stretched into an elongated inverted V-shape to the neck in order to cover most of your breasts. Behind the neck, were for a grand finale, which was connected to a fixed inverted V -shaped piece, which came into the back of the skirt. suited him perfectly. Her breasts were covered with two thirds of silk, and her curves accentuated by the soft material. The eye has to travel from the neckline to the bare skin below her navel. When he looked in the mirror, he saw that it was semi -transparent in a certain light, clothing, dark areolas with her pretty obvious, and its projection nipple area. The darkness of her pubic hair can be seen. They also realized that the team look as good as it deserves, who could not wear any underwear. The chief had thought. He gave her a small package containing a silky, skin-colored tie strap sides, but no bra. ' This is perfect for usagain tonight, ' said the head, breathing hard,' but it is livejasmin best to wear your coat long to get there. 'With these words, he pulled in, pulled her dress and began to eat. They came quickly, but he said he wanted a shower so I left it with a promise that night. for the club wore the dress and clothing hanging inside a silver strappy sandals, who had brought with her strong musky perfume, a necklace with a long string to its neck, a few other pieces of jewelry, and her long robe of its worth for the trip. the taxi stopped in front of the club, which then could see there was a livejasmin sex club, but the dress had already aroused suspicion. inside were tables arranged around a dance floor a bit high, in which a round leather bed two meters in diameter, and a bowl on a pedestal. the shell containing condoms, lubricant and poppers. were at a table near the dance floor, where the two Dutchmen of that day were alreadd sit. Jane had left his coat in the cloakroom, and it was for most of the eyes in the establishment. drinks were served and kept flowing, the food was good. But while eating porn movies on four screens, overhead - the amount shown hanging from the ceiling. After the meal they had more drinks and a cooler or two, livejasmin while a professional couple with love energy and inventiveness on the couch and the rack. The two were as black as ebony, her slender body with curves but is very muscular and with a beautiful long thick cock deep black, larger than the counters. The screens show close-ups of the action now by the cameras of CCTV around the room and placed on stage again. All stimuli was very exciting and now Jane was ready for something. as the couple had finished their show, the manager came on stage and announced that the night was amateur night. Dinner enthusiast and his wife on stage and began to put on a show. They were connectedby another man of his desk and began to fuck including the promotion of the hearing. When they finished, the manager asked another volunteer. Chief Jane got up, livejasmin took her hand, rose from his seat and pushed her down to the applause of the audience. The manager took care livejasmin of him. He became the place for everyone on stage, she was able to see completely. The headlights made ​​the dress almost transparent, and the audience applauded even more excited. The manager was behind her and put her hands on either side of the hip on the straps of her thong. Gently pulling the band livejasmin opened, there was a shake, fell from his lap and crack and release the belt on the floor. Once you turn to another, opened the latch on the back of the neck to the tip fall off, exposing her to the waist. More applause. Again, and opened one side of the hook and the dress fell to thand soil. So there she was, naked in the spotlight, facing a room full of men and women of all praise and joy. She gave a little bow. At this point, the two pros returned to the stage. livejasmin Jane were carried and laid on the couch, where he spent a long time caressing your body and explore every part of it with their hands and tongues. Jane was always working to forget the audience and gave their knowledge with experience. Then she was experiencing an intense orgasm, when the woman Clitty their languages. By the time he left his climax, the man had a condom, apply a good amount of lubricant in the pussy, and stayed in it. Luckily, the night before preparing this monster black pussy. He pushed a little at a time, and soon were overcome in livejasmin a variety of positions. She said he knew what she had dreamed. He moved to the position often give different points of view of the cameras, and now the girl kissed tHem both, play with livejasmin them, fingers and toes through them. After what seemed like hours, and many orgasms of Jane, he came and broke it. Unknown to Jane, was the director has organized volunteers to come and take his livejasmin place and had a number of men willing to go. One of them was immediately after them. It was by a crowd of strangers (some of them sucked ) taken one after another in different positions until he could take no more, and then was escorted off the stage with a standing ovation, contributed to his place, and a towel and her dress. You do not remember much of the rest of the night. She was sitting naked with five men who helped clean up and took the opportunity to play with your body. She had a few drinks more (including a very large glass of orange juice ) and an additional reefer vessels. When it came time to go I do not care about the dress, but her coat. She did not back the tape. when lEFT, she gave him a DVD of his exploits in tonight and be free - membership card, with the kind permission of the direction of the association. in the taxi back to the hotel where he slept, his hands playing with her tits and snatch. He did not help him up. The next morning when he awoke he remembered nothing after leaving the club, but soon realized that there are a lot of cum oozing from her pussy and in her hair and stains on the sheets, even though condoms used in the scenario was. There was one more session for the night before leaving home,
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